10 best shopping destinations in the world to buy awesome things!

Shopping is in our veins. Every time we have money in your pocket, we spend most of it in shopping rather than anything else. It is a craze among females for whom shopping have become a hobby. The most interesting part about shopping is to do it in new places. Here are the best destinations in the world where you must do shopping at least once in your life.


Tokyo is the ultimate destination for shopping. Isetan has the biggest chain of shops stretching over eight different building for shopping anytime and every time you could ever imagine. But the fun fact is everything is very affordable.


New York

There are a lot of people who visit New York every year just to do shopping. It is best for buying dresses as all the latest and vintage designs could be found. There are different art and craft stuff as well.


All you have to do is get in London and grab a cab, and it will take you to different places where shopping would be once in a lifetime experience. Starting from fashion products to interior designing, you can make some awesome purchases.


The colorful items available in Singapore are second to none. Shopping would never be so fun ever. You will be lost buying items, and you would wish you could take each one of the items with you.


The Dubai Mall is world’s largest mall in the world, and you can understand its capacity and the variety of items that would be available. The place itself with all its decoration and fun activities’ places will make your shopping experience super grand.

Hong Kong

Once you are in Hong Kong, you are sure to become a stalker because every now and then, you will feel the urge to go for shopping and there is an unending line of shops selling very different items for one another.


Get your credit card ready because chances are high that when you land in Madrid, you are going to start shopping first. The stores on the side of the roads are extremely attractive, and there are super malls to buy some of the unique items you can never get anywhere else.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the favorite travel destinations, and Kuala Lumpur talks the cake piece when it comes to shopping. There is always some mega sale offer going on, and you would be tempted to buy beautiful stuff at such high discounts.

Pack your bag and take some bags as well because you would surely return with more bags when you return from these places.