Automakers in German step up to the Silicon Valley Challenge

Ole Harms is the chief executive at MOIA, a renowned Volkswagen backed ride hailing start up. He is moved to Berlin after he took over the new ride hailing start up of the Volkswagen.  Automakers feel that Volkswagen’s home Staid Wolfsburg was not the most suitable place for every automaker to mount the overall defense in opposition to Silicon Valley challengers eager to upend the auto industry.  Mr. Harms said that nobody knows about how the world is going to appear in the upcoming years. The ability to change is the biggest skill of everyone to have for enhancing all efforts towards the victory in this competitive sector.


Mr. Harms packed up and took his dedicated team to Berlin where ever-increasing opportunities and requirements for improved automobiles available at this time. German car markers these days are very conscious on how they efficiently take advantage of every genre of resources and advanced technologies to manufacture the best in class automobiles beyond expectations of target customers.  There are many ride hailing apps, electric cars and autonomous driving elements available in the Silicon Valley. For example, Uber has geared up for reshaping the transportation. There is a scant respect from the Wall Street for automakers as well as global manufacturing prowess of automakers.

Car makers worldwide except German have embraced Silicon Valley by their investment deals and partnerships.  Fiat Chrysler is successfully working with Google for manufacturing the self driving cars. The ride booking service Lyft is known worldwide in recent times. General Motors has poured up to $500 million into this Lyft. Geely of China owns the Swedish automaker namely Volvo and provided ever-increasing chassis for recent driverless car tests of Uber.


Automotive giants of Germany favoured more confrontational approaches. These have been backed by different locals in particular those have so far rebuffed aggressive local expansion plans of Uber that run roughshod over the current domestic regulation. German politicians wish to please the biggest employers of the country and get more than expected favourable things.

BMW works with the most successful and recommended chip maker namely Intel and Irish tech company Mobileye for professionally developing self driving cars of its own within the beginning of the next decade. This company plans to expand its famous i Series line of hybrid and battery powered vehicles. The lightweight carbon fiber body in the i3 model vehicle of BMW encourages many people worldwide to prefer and buy it.