SC has geared up to make the Juvenile Law deterrent

The Supreme Court of India asked the Government of India to make required changes in the existing Juvenile Law and make it more deterrent so as to send the strong message to the public that the victim’s life was equally significant under the rule of the Indian Law.

The apex court has observed and ensured that it was too difficult for accepting that a juvenile would not aware of any possible consequence of the crime he did or participated. Some of the ever-increasing juvenile crimes all through the nation in recent years are robbery, murder and rape.  The court stated that the overall minor crimes increased nowadays reveal the overall importance of changing the existing Juvenile Justice Act, 2000. This is because this act currently protects and cares children who did grave crimes like murder, rape and robbery.

It is the right time to make a good decision and change the law as per the current scenario and requirements.  Justice Dipak Misra led the Supreme Court Bench said that the time has come to focus on an effective law specially designed or updated the existing law to deal with the situation. A bench of judges in the Supreme Court would request the qualified Attorney General to bring the relevant notice from concerned authorities so that appropriate provisions under the Act can be successfully revisited in any case with reference to offences with heinous nature.

Juvenile Law deterrent

The Supreme Court of India made such remarks while hearing a case in which a murder accused claimed that he was a juvenile when he did the crime and seek a granted community under the Act. It seems that, he is in question murdered a man who failed to repay a debt. The current juvenile law ensures that a minor cannot be imprisoned in a jail irrespective of the crime’s severity he committed.  As an alternative, on being found totally guilty, they sent to a correctional facility where they have to stay up to 3 years period as per the severity of the crime.

There are many questions like whether the petitioner was not completely aware of all consequences, juveniles can commit any crime and escape from the punishment due to the care and protection from the juvenile act, life of the victim and support for the upcoming days for all dependants of the victim and other factors.  Five people including a young think the victim can face his death unless somebody pays the debt.