A Step-By-Step Guide to Remove Ticks From Your Pets

Your pets are extremely important, they are part of your family and it becomes your responsibility to take good care of them. Many health issues and behavioral issues in your pets can be treated, but when it comes to fleas and ticks your pets suffer a lot more than you think. Ticks can be extremely painful on them and will greatly deteriorate your pets’ energy and health. It’s very important for you to get rid of them at the earliest.

Some types of fleas and ticks can be removed by giving a dose of injection, or flea medicine that can be mixed with their food in holiday dog feeder. There are also other stubborn types of ticks that are resistant to medication and can only be removed manually. If you think your pet has some stubborn ticks on their body, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you remove ticks from their body:

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  1. Get the required equipment

Before you actually sit with your pet you must get all the required equipment, like gloves, sharp edged or pointed tweezers, antiseptic wipes or solution for your pet, a container, and some rubbing alcohol to kill the ticks.

  1. Remember to put on your gloves

Ticks often carry infectious agents that might be harmful to your health. If you have any pores or cuts in your fingers the infections from the ticks might enter your blood stream and lead to many health issues. It’s always better to play safe and wear a protective gear before tending to your pets.

  1. Calm your pet and steady them

You pet cat or dog might feel excited or get confused when they look at all those equipment around you. Talk to them and calm them for a while, or even pet them for some time before starting your work. Make them feel that it’s entirely safe and calm them while you’re trying to pull out the ticks. While pulling out the ticks, it might generally hurt a little, and your pets might get nervous. Try and keep him relaxed for the entire time.

  1. Start pulling out the ticks

Take a pointy tweezer and keep it ready. Run your hands through the fur of your pet and try to look for ticks in their body. If you notice one sticking to their skin, catch it with the tweezer and pull the tick out. Remember that the tick will be biting to your pets’ skin and pulling out might be painful for him. So rotate your tweezer to loosen the tick from their skin, before pulling it out. Examine your pet thoroughly and repeat the same procedure, until most of the ticks are removed.

  1. Make sure the ticks are dead

The ticks if left unattended will simply fly and get back on your pets’ fur. Take a container and fill it with rubbing alcohol, start putting every tick you remove into this solution because it will kill the tick instantly. Make sure that you cover the lid of the container once you’re done and dispose it properly.

  1. Disinfect the bite area on the skin

Your pet might feel skin irritation around the area of tick bits. Get a bottle of disinfectant solution or some disinfectant wipes and gently wipe the area with it. This will soothe any irritation and also prevent any infections in them. If the bite remains red or inflamed for a long time, take your pet to a veterinarian.

  1. Reward your pets

Of course, your pet might be tired and nervous at the end of a long tick removal session. Make sure you fill the holiday dog feeder or your pets’ plate with some treat for them to munch on. Also make sure that you spend enough time with them to reassure them and make them comfortable.